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Hello world!

April 12, 2010

Today I write my first blog post. Yes, I am aware that I am extremely late to the party. I usually approach new things in one of 2 ways. Either I am an early adopter, where I get on board right away and shout from the tops of mountains about how great this new product/service/technology is. Or I completely reject said technology/service/product until the pressures of society force me to adapt. As an  example, Facebook is something I was very resistant to but eventually got on.

Blogging is different. I have wanted to start a blog for a long time (editors note: I have never really read a blog or understand their purpose). My reasons for wanting to start a blog are simple. Its mainly as a form of therapy for me. I find when I write stuff out, it helps me get clarity on my thoughts. Writing in journal or diary is too private. I wanted to vett my thoughts for the public. I want people to agree or disagree with me. I think too often in life I have tried to surround myself with like minded people. Even now, I prefer to be around people who think like me. I want to break myself of this habit. I want to learn to accept criticism better and I want to do a better job of accepting the viewpoint of others.

As far as the content of this blog, it will vary greatly. I might get stuck on a topic and write about it ad nauseum. Or I might write about something new every day. I will talk about movies, sports, relationships, social customs, my life, my dog, thats I like and things that bother me. I’m assuming I can do this since its my blog. I’m not even sure if other people can or will read it. If you do read it and have something to say, please dont be shy about commenting. If nobody reads it, It will at least serve as a very public, private journal